Configuring a Wallet

You can connect MetaMask or your development framework to a CrossFi chain using the following:


At the moment, the mainnet the CrossFi Chain is undergoing final tests before going public.

We will inform you about the start later.




CrossFi Testnet Chain


Chain ID


Token symbol


Explorer URL

Configuring Metamask

To Add the CrossFi Testnet to Metamask

  1. Open the Settings page from the Metamask extension. Then select Networks from the left panel.

  2. From this page, click on the "Add a Network" button on the right of the page.

  3. Copy the above network information for the CrossFi Testnet into the form fields and click save.

You may recieve warning abouts verification of the CrossFi currecny symbol. If the information you entered is exactly like the above, you can ignore these warnings.

Configuring Keplr

To Add the CrossFi Testnet to Keplr

  1. Search for CrossFi Testnet

  2. Click add to Keplr

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