Overview of the EVM Role

This page describes how CrossFI uses Ethermint and Evmos.

The EVM-based part of CrossFi is responsible for:

  • Interaction with smart contracts

  • Deployment of decentralized applications

  • Achieving full EVM compatibility

This is done by integrating the Cosmos library, Ethermint and with Evmos, a Proof-of-stake blockchain that is interoperable with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

About Ethermint

Ethermint is a Cosmos SDK library for running scalable and interoperable EVM chains.

About Evmos

Evmos is the first decentralized EVM chain on the Cosmos Network. It's implementing the first EVM stack focused on native, cross-chain applications. Evmos is the flagship implementation of Ethermint, an EVM library built for the Cosmos Network by the Evmos Core Development Team.

Why We Use Ethermint and Evmos

Ethermint and Evmos make the CrossFi Chain fully compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine. Based on these technologies, the Cross Finance team, together with partners, will develop the following functionality:

  • A fully Ethereum-compatible smart contract environment

  • Creating DeFi services

  • Anonymous payments

  • Account abstraction (biometrics and 2FA). This will improve and simplify the work with the blockchain for ordinary users, create more opportunities

  • Cross-chain bridges. It will allow free movement of digital assets between blockchains

  • Payment channels for instant payments

  • Adding CrossFi Chain to MetaMask and Other Wallets

  • Creating your crypto assets and releasing them in any EVM-compatible network

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